” The craving for alcohol is baffling in its nature. How many times have I told myself I’m not going to drink today only to convince myself, a half-hour later, that it’s my duty as an American, nay, my duty to humanity to go get a 12 pack of beer, make that a case. It’s not like craving sugar or attention and much more like being in the desert for two days without water and then being presented with a nice, tall, ice cold, glass of it. The craving has cost me 6 DUI’s, a dozen jobs, dozens of friendships, and any chance of having any kind of lasting, meaningful relationship. You can trust me when I say that I was an alcoholic of a serious nature. I’ve been to 3 treatment centers, and hundreds of AA meetings. The longest I was ever able to stay sober was 8 1/2 months. The craving had me beat and I had given up on ever having a normal, meaningful life. But then I went to see Ting Jing-Craytor for issues with my back and neuropathy in my feet brought on, I’m pretty sure, by my alcoholism. And Ting asked me about my drinking and, for some reason, I was honest with her. She said to fix me she also had to fix my drinking, I said okay, knock yourself out. I had zero expectations that her little needles would ever have any kind of impact on my alcoholism. If you’re an alcoholic like I am, these next statements will astound you. There’s been 5 beers sitting in my fridge for over 2 months now. The same five beers. I went to the bar with a friend about two weeks after I started acupuncture, ordered a beer with every expectation of getting drunk that night. I drank half of the beer, my stomach felt a little queasy and I caught an annoying little headache behind my eyes and went home, leaving half a beer on the bar! I know! I can’t believe it either. And, it’s not like I’m even trying to quit. The craving is gone, I just don’t feel like drinking. After all these years, I have a relationship with alcohol like a normal person, and it’s all because of Ting and her little needles. If this isn’t a miracle it’s as close as I have ever been to one. I’ve struggled with alcoholism for 35 years and have tried everything to quit. I can’t guarantee that Ting can do for you what she done for me but if you have suffered like I have suffered, please give it a try, It just might change everything. ” ~~ Leif